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Review - KONI Adjustable Sport Shocks

By Steven Clark
Contributing Editor, PT Cruiser Links .com

You don't realize the benefit of a good pair of shocks until you install new ones. So slowly does the ride degrade that you become oblivious to the degradation over time. Then one day you hit a bump and realize that your wonderful PT Cruiser is getting soft. It seems to bounce more than it used to. Rough pavement causes your car handle like a four-wheeled pogo stick. You round a corner and your car leans waaaay over towards the outside of the curve, causing your passengers to clutch for a handhold.

That's what happened to our beloved Cruiser. Its handling dynamics had become just a faint reminder of what they once had been and the car had lost it's competent handling. It was time for new shocks.

As this car is one we intend to keep for quite awhile, I didn't want to get something cheap that would need my attention in another two years. I also wanted something that would perk up the performance again. We had bought it with the Touring Package because it felt a little more sporting than either the Limited Edition or the base model and we wanted that sporty feel again. I didn't want to change out the springs to something shorter and stiffer, but we wanted something that would still take things up a notch in the handling department.

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